Company Focus: Calash, LLC is a manufacturing by-products management company specializing in the beneficial use of combustion products (CP) from utilities and CoGeneration facilities.  Calash endeavors to form associations with material producers that best exemplify partnering relationships.  Calash's expertise allows maximum benefits be derived by both generator and marketer of CPs by using innovative marketing, aggressive promotion and dedication to the inherent usefulness of manufacturing by-products. 

Superior Economic Returns: Calash develops tailored solutions designed to meet each customer’s unique needs.  Our solutions range across a variety of environmentally sensitive options.  We identify the single best or best combination of uses that provide our customers with optimal economic returns.

Broad Spectrum Solutions: Calash continually explores new CP and by-products technologies, and alternative uses and applications.  We remain attuned to the foremost academic work being conducted by  leading research institutions and universities across the country.  Our continually expanding list of options offers our clients a choice of the most beneficial uses for their material.  These applications include, but are not limited to: daily cover for landfills, agricultural applications as a lime substitute and micro-nutrient carrier, mine and quarry reclamation, golf course construction material, stabilization of road bases, soil stabilization and structural fills, contaminated soil and waste remediation, cement replacement/enhancement in concrete products, and other construction and manufacturing applications.   

Calash, LLC: Calash, a wholly owned subsidiary of Catalyst Recovery Systems, LLC, was established as a utility industry partner, focused on identifying economically viable uses for non-hazardous combustion products, and capable of delivering total combustion product solutions   Because our history is firmly rooted in the management of combustion products, Calash mostly extends this expertise to ash clients, but also expands our mission to include non-ash producers.